Craison IT Cleaning specializes in the cleaning and sanitizing of IT environments and infrastructure.

With more that a decade of specialized IT cleaning and decontamination skills, Craison has developed a service designed to only minimise the risks associated with unwanted particulate and contaminants, but to assist organisations in improving uptime and availability of infrastructure, while increasing the lifespan of costly IT equipment and reducing cross-infection in the workplace.

This process comprises the effective use of special products and tools specifically formulated for the use on IT equipment, including anti-static, anti-bacterial and lint-free applications.

Our security vetted and highly trained technicians  will ensure that the service is conducted in a professional manner with the minimum disruption on productivity when performed during normal office hours. We also pride ourselves in the fact that we respect client privacy and will not compromise the integrity or confidentially during the cleaning and sanitising process.

The service can also be conducted over off-peak periods, after hours during weekends based on a periodic schedule, weekly, monthly or quarterly and aligned with the specific environment, infrastructure and the customer's requirements 





  • Drastically reduces technical problems
  • Improves availability of infrastructure
  • Healthier workplace environment
  • Improves staff moral


  • Ensures dust and static-free environments
  • Reduces unwanted particulate and harmful germs
  • Security cleared and highly trained technicians
  • Non-prohibitive costing
  • Customised service frequencies
  • Minimum disruption ensured
  • Liability insurance cover

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